3 Types of Fabric that is Used to Craft Hockey Uniforms

hockey uniforms
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Hockey is a fun sport and is widely popular all around the world. But things can get rough on the field. Wearing the correct gears when playing is pivotal for it protects you from any life-threatening injury. The hockey uniforms too are crafted using keeping in mind the comfort of the players. Three particular fabrics are used to make the uniforms, with each having their own quality. To know more about them, read on as the advantages of the fabrics have been summarized as given below.

Hockey Shorts


Polyester, strong in its composition yet soft on the skin, is a wonder fabric. The fabric doesn’t shrink on repeated washes, dries off quickly, doesn’t wrinkle and is durable. These are only a few advantages that polyester uniforms offer. They are excellent at wicking moisture, which further makes them a perfect choice for constructing hockey uniforms.


Exceptionally light in weight, hockey uniforms that are crafted using nylon are unique in their creation. The fact they can absorb moisture extremely fast and can dry at an equal pace makes them faultless on the ground. They are easy to wash and exceptionally strong, thus qualifying them as abrasion proof. Furthermore, nylon uniforms allow breathability and keep your body cool. Hockey shorts manufacturer have a bunch of pairs assembled which are crafted using fine quality nylon fabric.

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The close knitted pattern of mesh makes it durable and increases its longevity. This automatically qualifies it as a perfect material for jerseys and shorts. Since, the uniforms are subjected to wear and tear on the field; mesh gives it a long life and ensures that it doesn’t have to be replaced after a few games. This also makes it easy on the pocket as you don’t have to replace it often. They are also comfortable to wear as they absorb sweat keeping you feeling fresh and clean.

On that note, pick the uniform that is tailored with the right materials and enhance your performance. Hockey kits exporters USA ensure to use the best of fabrics to construct the uniforms that are included in the kit. Retailers or sports team managers can buy them in bulk at discounted prices.